You can now assign payments processing fees to patients, clients or organisations - and you have the flexibility to choose if, when and to whom you'd like to pass on the costs.

When you use Halaxy to process fee payments electronically, you can choose how payment processing fees are paid by selecting the right fee allocation option for your practice:

  • Never assign - i.e. never pass on the fee, so you pay the fees yourself;
  • Optional - you decide whether to pass on a fee before each invoice is processed (and the fees are displayed on each invoice); or
  • Always assign - i.e. always pass on the fee to the patient, client or organisation, so you don not pay the fees.

Edit your fee allocation preferences

To select your preferred fee allocation option, simply follow the steps:

1. Go to Profile > Payments > Auto Payment Settings > Deposits;
2. Click Edit Payment Setting;
3. In the Fee Allocation section, select: Never Assign, Optional, or Always assign;
4. Click Save.

What happens if I choose Optional?

If you choose Optional, each time you click the Add Payment Details (or Process) button on an invoice, you are given the option to assign the credit card fees to the patient, client or organisation.

By clicking yes, the fees are displayed on the invoice in the Payments section.