Adding your practice name to SMS campaigns and reminders

Adding your practice name to SMS campaigns and reminders

You've probably noticed that your name and your practice name add credibility to everything you do - and SMS campaigns and reminders are no different.

Halaxy makes it easy for you to customise your SMS campaigns and reminders' sender name, so your patients know that the message is from your practice.

With a 98% open rate, SMS campaigns have been the choice for many health practitioners who want to effectively communicate with their patients about telehealth options, opening hours and their practice's preventive measures during the coronavirus outbreak.

Custom name for SMS messages

You can subscribe for a custom name through Halaxy so that your one-way SMS reminders and SMS campaigns come from your practice name - allowing patients to know instantly that the message is from you in their phone notifications or previews.

Having your practice's name as the sender when sending SMS campaigns and reminders also helps you keep the open rate high, adding credibility to your text messages.

Learn how to add a Custom Name

How much does it cost to add a Custom Name to SMS?
Subscribing for a custom name costs 50 Halaxy credits per month. If you top up credits in bulk, you can pay as little as AUD$ 7.50 per month - and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

How much does it cost to send SMS campaigns?
In case you missed it: you can easily use the Campaigns feature in Halaxy to send mass communications as a one-off campaign about the coronavirus, for example, or as a regularly recurring campaign, such as for recalls or birthday messages every year.

The SMS message sent as part of a campaign or as a reminder costs 1 Halaxy Credit per 160-character message.

Keep reading to learn how to send campaigns via Halaxy.

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