30K Referral Campaign

Terms and Conditions:

• This promotion runs from 12:00am on 23/11/2018 to 11:59 AEST on 28/12/2018 inclusive.

• After the practitioner you refer (recipient practitioner) has created a Halaxy account which has been verified by Halaxy administrators, we will add 30 credits to your Halaxy account and to the recipient practitioner’s account within two business days.

• If the recipient practitioner either purchases $10 or more (incl. GST) in Halaxy credits or processes five auto payments via Halaxy before 11:59pm on 23/01/2019, we will add 300 credits to your account and to the recipient practitioner’s account within two business days.

• During the Christmas period (21/12/2018 to 02/01/2019), no credits will be added to eligible accounts. Credit allocation and account verification will resume on 03/01/2018.

• All referrals must be created via the “Invites” tab within Halaxy in order to be eligible to receive credits for this campaign. Any sign ups that occur that were not via Halaxy’s invite function are considered regular sign ups and therefore are ineligible for any bonus credits.

• If you invite a recipient practitioner in a group practice to Halaxy, you and the recipient practitioner only receive the bonus credits once; you and the recipient practitioner do not receive bonus credits for each practitioner in the practice who signs up, uses and/or pays for Halaxy only receive credits for Halaxy accounts that do not currently exist within Halaxy.

• If you send the special promotional email to a recipient practitioner who has previously signed up to Halaxy but has become a lapsed user as defined by us, and the recipient practitioner reactivates their account, both parties still receive the 30 credits.

• Halaxy reserves the right to remove or not allocate credits where account creation or behaviours are unlawful, unable to be verified or against the spirit of the campaign.

• Credits are allocated to individual accounts, so all credits are applied to your individual account and to the recipient practitioner’s individual account, and credits are not allocated at a group level in group accounts.

• All credits received in this promotion are non-refundable.

If you have any queries regarding Halaxy and/or the 30K Campaign, please contact us on community@halaxy.com.