We've reached an amazing milestone: over 30,000 practitioners have signed up to Halaxy to better manage their practices!

We'd like to thank you for the support and celebrate with Halaxy credits - so you can keep improving your practice and making health better for everyone, everywhere.

Here's how you can join us:

30 credits: Invite your friends to join Halaxy (follow the steps below) - after they sign up, you and your friends get 30 credits each.

300 credits: If your friends top up $10 or more in credits, or process 5 or more auto payments via Halaxy, you and your friends get 300 credits each!

Credits are cumulative
So feel free to invite as many friends as you think could benefit from using Halaxy's practice management software.

This is how you can invite your friends:

1. Log in to Halaxy and click the button below; or
2. Go to the new Invites tab > Invite Friends;
3. Fill in your friend's details and click Process.

But hurry up, the promotion is only valid from 23/11/2018 to 28/12/2018.

Terms & Conditions apply