A global first: 24-hour support via phone and email

A global first: 24-hour support via phone and email

Halaxy now offers 24-hour real-time customer support via phone and email, Monday to Friday!

Yes that’s right. You can call us at 9am, 5pm or 5am and speak to a real person, and you can email us anytime and get a response quickly.

Global first level of service

If you’ve been with us for some time, you know it did not happen overnight, we started with 9 hours, extended to 18 hours, and we're now available 24 hours a day - with our team supporting you from Australia, Europe, and North America.

We have been working really hard to make this available to you at no cost. Most importantly, this is something we have prioritised because we know that support is critical in the healthcare industry. Time is counted in minutes not hours in healthcare - so we're really proud to offer this global first level of support for our customers everywhere.

Here are all the ways we support you every day:

✔ Free 24-hour phone and email support, Monday to Friday

✔ Talk to a real person when you call or email us

Help Guide and Blog - packed with articles, tutorials and videos

Coming soon: In-app help guide - stay tuned!

As always, you know can rely on Halaxy to provide the support you need when you need it, right from setting up your account to managing your entire practice - our team is one call or email away!